The Paranoid Style and Haley Bonar on The Moon

The Moon presents two more recently released and great American Rock n' Roll albums. Firstly, we have the debut LP and third EP from The Paranoid Style a Washington, D.C. USA-based garage rock band led by the husband-and-wife duo of singer and songwriter Elizabeth Nelson and Timothy Bracy, formally of The Mendoza Line.

The band is named after Richard J. Hofstadter's 1964 essay The Paranoid Style in American Politics, which is most topical in 2016 as it explores the recurring paranoia in American politics.

The LP does not feature any of the tracks from their 3 EPs, and it also manages to sustain the quality of those EP tracks. Their 2015 EP Rock and Roll Just Can't Recall is included in the playlist below and features the excellent Mystery Jack as featured on A Best of 2015 on The Moon

It remains their most laid back track; their sound can be best described as Belle and Sebastian songs in a garage rock style.

Their first two EPs were only digitally released and as a joint cassette 

They are not on Spotify etc, in Blighty, but all the tracks, bar their cover of Like Dylan In The Movies by the aforementioned Belle Sebastian, can be found in the depths of Ubend.

Haley Bonar

This is the 7th LP from this Canadian-born American singer-songwriter who was raised in South Dakota, USA. I first checked out her excellent Americana-tinged 2011 album Golder in 2014. Later that year she released her last album, the more Throwing Muses/Belly like Last War, and from it the excellent No Sensitive Man featured on A Best of 2014 on The Moon 

This new album builds on the sound of Last War and is a bit more consistently great and varied.


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