Avers Omega/Whatever and Wasted Tracks on The Moon

Finally, we have an album from an artist or band whose previous album had a Moon post and have managed to release a follow up at least as great. Mitski, Rick Redbeard and Martha have come close, but this new Avers record is another great album of modern American rock n' roll.

Last year they released a fine 5 track EP called Wasted Tracks that is generally a bit mellower than their albums. I have added it on to the end of the playlist below, and it does add a bit of variation to an album that is pretty full on otherwise.

I was first made aware of Avers by the AV Club when they shared Vampires, the opening track from the new album back in April 2015. So a new album was expected last year, but it may have been they that they felt they had not at least matched their excellent debut LP -  hence the Wasted Tracks EP. The new album has been worth the wait, and shows that this is a band with high standards.

The album was released a couple of weeks ago and I could have posted this over a week ago, but it coincided with the posting of the epic A Best of 2016 part 1

One of the many highlights from the album will feature on the full A Best of 2016, and it will be their third track to feature on a Moon Best of.


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