Unloved on The Moon and a bit more Jarvis

Guilty of Love by Unloved is one of my albums of the year so far. It was released back in March, but I only got to know about it due to a recommendation from Jarvis Cocker. It is the latest project involving DJ/producer David Holmes, who is famed for his soundtrack work, but this is more song based, with a sixties influenced cinematic soul sound, and similar to his his brilliant David Holmes Presents the Free Association album from 2002.

It has a number of killa tracks and a few bits of soundtracky filla, including the over-long second track, but it all sounds great. You can stream the full album below, plus three fine non-album tracks. It is also very much a collaboration between Mr Holmes, fellow soundtrack composer Keefus Ciancia and singer/songwriter Jade Vincent, and they had both previously worked together as Vincent & Mr. Green and The Jade Vincent Experience.

Mr Cocker was no doubt in the news because he has taken a break from his radio work and 
voice overs for Sainsbury's, to actually release some new music. It is just a four track EP soundtrack for a Sky Arts TV show called "Likely Stories" but it is very good and The Theme from Likely Stories and Looking for the Girl have been added to A Yorkshire Treasure - A Best of Pulp and Jarvis Cocker on The Moon


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