Moon Film Review: Florence Foster Jenkins

For many a day, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) has seen the adjective 'hilarious' scream at him from the side of various London buses. It was printed on publicity for 'Florence Foster Jenkins'.

Having now seen the film, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) thinks it is the completely wrong adjective to use. For they didn't find it hilarious, rather they found it moving. And fabulous, not least because of the splendour of the acting. Above all, we must salute Mr Simon Helberg who portrayed the pianist. He more than held his own with Miss Streep and Mr Grant. He had many of the best lines. He was so good in fact that he deserved equal billing with the two other lead actors for the film is a genuine threesome.

As if that weren't enough, we were blessed with an appearance by Miss Thelma Barlow, an actress who has been too little used on the big screen. 

As a friend of Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) confided they can't wait for the DVD so they can freeze frame various scenes to fully explore the nuances of it all.


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