Bleached on The Moon

Bleached on The Moon

This is an album I first checked out back in April but was not sure about. The "single" Wednesday Night Melody was an instant boat floater but the rest of it just seemed a bit samey and with not much depth. But then I belatedly listened to the last but one podcast from Andy Von Pip of the VPME and he played Sour Candy and it just clicked.

I then listened to the album again, in a more positive state of mind than before, and the brilliance of the opening track instantly became apparent and I am now getting the whole album. Initially, it does come across as just good time poptastic rock but a few listens reveal a darker underbelly, with some great lines like "the past ain’t kind and the future scares me". Radiohead it ain't. It is Rock n' Roll.

Check it out via Spotify below and in all the other usual places and you can also investigate the debut LP and a few non album singles.


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