Moon Review: Patty Pravo Live in Rome

Patty Pravo on The Moon

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) recently made their monthly visit to Rome. By happy coincidence the same weekend Patty Pravo was performing at The Auditorium (see attached). Her concert was part of her 'Eccomi' tour. 'Eccomi' is the title of her new and very beautiful album. It marks her fiftieth anniversary in the music business.

In case you're not aware, Patty plays an important, nay central, part in Your Cultural Correspondent's Roman story. Indeed, she is one of the three reasons that Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) lived in Rome.  Given that, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) was delighted to be able to attend the concert. It is the second time they've seen La Pravo live. And it was much better than the first time.

Wearing the same outfit, a green sparkly suit, she performed non-stop for some two hours. She sang many songs from her new album as well as from her extensive back catalogue. Sadly, too often her voice was drowned out by the musicians. Still, when she was singing in the lower register, and the music was quieter, she was fabulous. There were standing ovations after almost every song and by the end most of the the audience was delirious.

Highlights included 'Nuvole'. It's a new song and the one audience members kept shouting out for. She kept us waiting, but it was worth the wait. A live version from the current tour here:

Another highlight was her version of 'If you go away': 'Non andare via'. There was silence in the auditorium as she sang it. A spine-tingling few minutes. A live version here: 

Then there was 'Un senso', very beautiful and moving. Check a recent live version here: 

But for Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) above all, there was her version of Joan Baez's 'Where have all the flowers gone?'. You can experience a recent live version of 'Dove andranno i nostri fiori?' here:

It was worth the ticket price alone. Wonderful!

Overall, a spectacular and beautiful, and in parts very moving, show.

In addition, in the audience was the former Mrs Bjorn Borg: Loredana Bertè. A singer herself on the list of those Your Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre) wishes to see live, she took an active part in the singing and dancing with the rest of the audience. Fabulous!


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