Moon Film Reviews: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 and Eddie the Eagle

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) being part-Greek felt duty bound to see 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2'. While it was a lot of silliness there were some very good, not to say affecting, parts, almost none of which were comedic. We must also compliment the music which was most pleasing.

Leaving the theatre after seeing 'Eddie the Eagle', Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thought, 'I really want to see that again'. It is, dear readers, a superb film. Indeed, we might say it is the nearest thing to perfect we've seen for a long time. Gripping throughout, very moving in parts, and most instructive about the characters of the English, it is a film not to be missed. Plus there's the wonderful soundtrack. As Eddie might himself comment, thumbs up!


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