Meilyr Jones on The Moon

Meilyr Jones on The Moon

This is a recently released album that I had been looking forward to for some time due to a couple of the "singles" being tracks of the day on GIITTV. The opening track is an instant boat floater, but the rest of the album requires a bit more attention, but it's bold sophistication and ambition ought to draw you in after a few listens. It is more Welsh Top Pop and, like the excellent last album from Sweet Baboo, it should tickle the fancy of orchestral pop fans, especially the more ambitious and serious work from The Divine Comedy. Check it out via Bandcamp below and in all the other usual places. 

Previously he was the lead singer in Race Horses, but his "solo career was born from an impromptu but transformative trip to Rome after the end of both his band.., and his relationship." He has also worked with various other Welsh Top Pop luminaries such as Cate Le Bon, Euros Child and Gruff Rhys from The Super Furry Animals.


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