The Coral and The Serpent Power on The Moon

The Coral on the Moon

The Coral have recently released a new album to great critical acclaim and it is very good, sound-wise it is the most interesting and energetic since their debut, but song-wise it is not as consistently great as previous albums. However, I rather belatedly found out that the drummer Ian Skelly had released an album in 2015 with former Zuton Paul Molloy, as the The Serpent Power. After checking out both records it is obvious that The Serpent Power has influenced the sound of The Coral record, not least as Paul Molloy is now a Coral member, and song-wise it is just as good, if not a bit better.

The two albums are very interchangeable, and where there are differences they complement each other. This is not surprising as when Ian Skelly toured his debut solo record from late 2012 his backing band was called The Serpent Power and it contained all the current members of The Coral. Therefore, below is a Moon mix of both albums, with the first 16 songs being what I think would make a brilliant album. I have previous form on this with the Moon post The Coral 2013 a mix of tracks from Ian Skelly's solo record and the James Skelly and the Intenders record from 2013, James being the brother of Ian and the lead singer of The Coral.


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