Moon Film Review: The Big Short

On the left "the truly splendid Mr Steve Carell" with Mr Ryan Gosling

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thinks that 'The Big Short' is a magnificent piece of cinema. The script and the acting both superb. As for the acting, a special round of applause for the truly splendid Mr Steve Carell. He stole every scene he was in.

Let's hope that there's a follow-up film entitled 'The Big Short from The Inside' focussing on the activity and behaviour of regulators and Governments as the events in the film unfold. That would be instructive no doubt and might help to explain what they did with the money tax-payers pay them to keep an eye on things.

Now a SPOILER ALERT: the (truly terrible) trailer for the forthcoming 'Dad's Army'. Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) had already decided to give it a wide berth when it is released. The trailer demonstrates the wisdom of that decision. Dear, oh dear, oh dear...


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