Richard Hawley on The Moon

Mr Hawley (right) making up a Holy Trinity of God's Very Own. 
This album was released back in September, but I have found it is a bit of a grower. I have of course appreciated his work for a long time, with The Longpigs and Pulp and I have been aware of how much his solo work is well regarded - when The Arctic Monkeys won the Mercury Prize back in 2006 Alex Turner exclaimed "Someone call 999, Richard Hawley's been robbed!"

However, I never managed/got round to really check him out until his last album, which was a move away from the 50s crooner style and just a great modern rock n' roll record. A track from it does feature on A Best of 2012 on The Moon 

The new album is not a repeat of the last one, but it is also not a retreat to the 50s crooner style, it is somewhere in between, which in this case, as in many cases is actually a great place to be. It is what I would imagine a collaboration between Johnny Cash and The Arctic Monkeys would sound like and if the thought of that does not float your boat then you are doomed.

Check it out via Spotify below.


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