Moon Film Reviews: Pan and Suffragette

The marvellous Miss Kathy Burke. 

Having seen, but not having read, a one-star review of 'Pan', Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) wondered if they'd be leaving the cinema panning it. (Boom, boom.) Well, they didn't. Nor did they particularly praise it. A film then that's neither pantastic nor pants. The latter not least because of the marvellous cameo of Miss Kathy Burke and the way the lead actor alternated between a working-class accent and a non-working-class accent. Which, of course, did leave Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) contemplating one of the eternal questions. If it's obvious you've had elocution lessons, what's the point of them?

Next up was 'Suffragette'. What a treat it was to witness Miss Mulligan and Mr Wishaw trying to pass themselves off as working-class! (All this talk of class! Let's hope a bit of culture doesn't end up becoming a bit of Corbynista.) Sadly, though, the film was rather unmoving. It all became clear why at the end. It was written by Abi Morgan. Anyway, what was really moving was the archive footage of Miss Emily Wilding Davison's funeral. How that put into perspective lying down on a red carpet at a film premiere in Leicester Square.


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