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Some new feeds have been added to moonblogsfromsyb and some old Google search feeds have been replaced with actual proper feeds for each "author" from the funkay new Drupal powered London Evening Standard site. So some improvement after my open letter to Mr Lebedev but there has not been much change over at the Independent, they do have a lot of feeds and now with embedded adverts powered by Mediafed, but you still can not get a Feed for each author. Thankfully articles by the likes of Mark Steel, Hamish McRae and now Ben Chu can be fed into moonblogsfromsyb by the brilliant FEED43 service as documented in my last moonblogsfromsyb update and below is a bit of info on the new content - including the addition of tweets to moonblogsfromsyb via Feedly tags.

A New Category - A Bit of Culture

Richard Godwin in the Evening Standard: He has moved across from the Let's Get Political category with his new Feed from the funkay Drupal Standard site which includes his film and music reviews and his interviews with the great and good.

Laura Craik in the Evening Standard: She used to have Mr Godwin's gig at the Standard and he has been able to maintain her high standards. She did go off to write for the Daily Mail - which must have been a bit of an odd fit. Thankfully, she is now back at the Standard writing the "Trendwatch" section for the ES magazine. She has a brilliantly wry view of the fashion world: "Just when you thought it simply wasn’t possible for fashion to disappear further up its own arse, it has become even more exclusive" and manages, like Mr Godwin, to get a bit political.

In the funkay new Drupal Standard she has her very own Feed although her last Trendwatch article was filed on the site into the ES Feed and so I had to add it via the Google search feed and a Feedly tag (see below)

More Let's Get Political

Emily Ashton in the Evening Standard: Formally the Whitehall Correspondent for the Sun no less but now she is the Senior Political Correspondent at Buzzfeed, where all staff are forced to wear an iWatch, but I think she is from the land to the north of The North so she should be able to cope. However, I think she does her best work for her column in the Standard and appropriately she now has a Feed in the funkay new Drupal Standard site. She of course had one already for Buzzfeed (the clue is in the name) so the odd article from that might well find its way to moonblogs via the wonder of a Feedly tag (see below).

More The Economy Stupid

Ben Chu in the Independent: Mr Chu joins Mr Hilton and McRae in The Economy Stupid section. He has often stepped in to cover the Mr McRae column in the past and done a great job and now his own articles are often given a big billing in the printed paper and his writing is becoming increasing more strident – Hiltonesque even, here is a recent headline:

“Osborne’s deficit reduction plan is more like a productivity reduction plan”

As with Mr McRae he has a FEED43 feed: 

More from Feedly Tags

Moonblogsfromsyb started out its life as an blog/feed roll for the Moon but over time it has developed a bit and become the main content provider for Total Moon. Originally it was fully automated but then Feedly became a new source for ion IFTTT so some post became generated when I added a tag in Feedly which corresponded to a category on moonblogsfromsyb.

So I have been adding the odd article from the likes of Paul Mason or Independent Voices from the likes of Yasmin Alibhai-Brown or Matthew Norman. Also now that I can add a feed for a Twitter list in Feedly (thanks to Digital Inspiration)  I can now also add the odd tweet from the likes of Billy Bragg or Brian Moore etc.

I have since found out that I am able to link up IFTTT and Feedly for free only because I was an early adopter and so non early adopters need to be signed up for a premium Feedly account. However, you can link up to the excellent Digg Reader and send articles you Digg to any other channel, the only restriction is that there is not the option to have tags as triggers. Digg also has some great Twitter integration that is better than the free Feedly offer, but it does refresh feeds only every 4 hours rather than 2 for Feedly.

You can see all Blogs and Feeds that make up moonblogsfromsyb here


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