Ezra Furman - Perpetual Motion on the Moon

You may have noticed that Mr Furman has released a new LP, as it has gained a lot more coverage over in Blighty than his two previous solo albums and with great reviews across the board. So hopefully the great British public will rush out to buy it even though it has been leaking all over the interweb for weeks and owners of iDevices can stream/sync it for free on Apple music for another few weeks. In the US his record company will apparently get $0.002 per track streamed thanks to Taylor Swift.

The good news is that the new album is just as great as his last two just with added gender fluidity. The production is as polished as on his debut solo LP, but it has a lot of the great rock 'n' roll energy of Dog Days - with extra sax.

You can check it out via Spotify below at an estimated rate of $0.001 per track streamed in the US, with ads and on any PC or tablet as a "free" user -  with the idea that if you like it, then you could buy it to put it on your smartphone, play offline in the car etc. 

Premium subscribers can sync it to their smartphone to play offline and pay an estimated $0.007 per stream in the US and this makes up an estimated 40% of streams, but I will leave the "math" to Ms Swift. 

Apple have said that payment will increase when they get premium subscribers with a 30/70 split in revenue in favour of the record company and so virtually the same as Spotify. But they apparently won't put pressure artists into having their music included on Apple music by threatening exclusion from iTunes.

What you can't get so easily on Apple Music is the brilliant A Best of Ezra Furman and the Harpoons on Spotify on the Moon - who needs Zane Lowe when you have The Moon


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