A New Home Page on the Moon from Rebel Mouse and a Moonstream Feed

The Moon has a new, extra funkay, home page and menu bar thanks to the wonder that is Rebel Mouse and a how to change your Blogger home page guide from Southern Speakers. I have been using Rebel Mouse for a while now to power Total Moon and it has worked very well and is hopefully here to stay for the foreseeable future, as they have a decent offering to "monetize" with various services to business. However,  the Moon is taking full advantage of the free version, thus the cartoon mouse logo above is visible on the home page and it is there again, along with an advert, in the "follow" drop down.

The main reason for the change was to show the social media shares on the  I have been doing on the Moon Facebook page and recently on Twitter on the Moon, as otherwise it is contrary to the original idea behind the Moon as "joined up social media for nobody".

So what I decided I needed to create a Feed to feed into all the Moon Social Media Channels the blog post and social shares and show them on the Moon. At first I thought that I could use the Facebook post embedded via Rebel Mouse and I thought that it could then be posted to all the networks by the Facebook RSS feed but sadly you can not get an RSS feed for a page from Facebook anymore, you can still from the excellent FB RSS service still but the feeds only have the post text and not the media, but it will generate a feed for each page you follow and your status feed.

But then I had the idea of making more of Tumblr as a social media tool. It is as much a social media site as it is a blogging platform and so it is very easy to create linked posts or posts with embedded media and it generates a feed. So now the Moon has a new joined up feed for both posts and shares.

As you can see the sidebar has also been Rebel Moused with the Moonblogsfromsyb posts as has the fully automated Mark Steel in the Independent Feed Blog.

So the Moon is now rather dependent on another "free service" along with Blogger, Tumblr and IFTTT and Wordpress for Moonblogsfromsyb along with Twitter to add "posts without media" to Total Moon.


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