Christopher Owens Chrissybaby Forever on the Moon

Mr Owens has featured on the Moon previously as the short instrumental first track and the first song from Lysandre, his excellent debut solo album, had the honour of opening A Best of 2013 on the Moon. Since then he has baffled critics and fans alike with A New Testament his gospel-tinged country album from last year, but now he has just released a new album co-produced with just the help of JJ Wiesler, his best friend and engineer.

It harks back to the sound of his original band Girls and it is marvellously self-indulgent and honest. It is the kind of record that would end up being leaked onto the internet in the recent past, as the record company would not want to promote it, but in this day and age it can so easily be streamable from Bandcamp and then made available to also stream or sync in the usual places. It is also rather diverse with tracks that bring to mind Buddy Holly, at his most mature, Randy Newman, at his most Disney-like pop best and Illinois era Sufjan Stevens. Check it out via Bandcamp below.


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