Moon Film Reviews - A Little Chaos, Child 44 and Woman in Gold

As Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) left the cinema after their third film of the day, they thought to themselves, 'well, we've seen two and a half excellent films today'.  Which were the excellent ones and which was the half excellent one?  Read on!

First up we saw 'A Little Chaos'.  It opened with a child farting - onscreen that is - and by the end of the first thirty seconds Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) had tutted three times.  That was at the banality of the script.  Sadly, this beautiful, and moving, film was rendered only half excellent by the writing lapses.  Those aside, the music was lovely, as was seeing in close-up Kate Winslet's beauty and last, but not least, un applause to Helen McCrory! As Your Cultural Correspondent watched her, they thought, 'she'd be a marvellous Cherie Blair'.  As indeed she was, of course, deportment and all, in 'The Queen' and later 'The Special Relationship'.

Second up was 'Child 44'.  A bit of context: the woman in the seat next but one to Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) wandered in, parked herself and then proceeded to eat a large box of sushi.  Indeed.  As for the trailer for the forthcoming Russell Brand film, 'meglio non dire', as the Italians would say.  Context aside, what a truly excellent film.  Wonderful script, marvellous accents from non-native Soviet actors, superb acting, in particular by Messrs Tom Hardy and Gary Oldman, and, overall, strangely affecting.  Plus a rather impressive cameo from Charles Dance.

Third up was 'Woman in Gold'.  Another excellent film.  Superb acting again by all players, but special applause to Dame Helen and Mr Ryan Reynolds.  Marvellous script and lovely shots of Vienna. All of which left Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) and many others in the audience very moved.  Plus a rather impressive cameo from Charles Dance.  Two in one day!


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