Asaf Avidan - Gold Shadow on the Moon and musings on Sufjan Stevens

Gold Shadow actually came out in January but I have only recently stumbled upon it by simply checking out the artist page in Deezer and it is a shame that this brilliant singer-songwriter from Israel does not have a higher profile in Blighty. Here on the Moon he has at least become another repeat offender and, just like his last brilliant album, it is an album that I would think many Amy Winehouse fans would hope she was producing if she had survived, it also has multiple instances of One for Dame Shirley Bassey. Check it out via Spotify below.

Last week did see the release of another new album from another very unique artist with a distinctive name - but you may have heard of the new LP from Sufjan Stevens called Carrie and Lowell as it has had rave reviews across the board and was streaming on The Guardian a week before release.

It is the record that many of his fans will have wanted him to make and it is gorgeous, very personal and largely acoustic. I do also love his more experimental last LP and last years collaborative LP which was featured on the Moon and I hope he continues to confound expectations in the future.

His last solo LP, The Age of Adz, was the last LP I purchased as, at the time, it was not on Spotify and only streamable via Bandcamp. I downloaded the high-quality MP3s which (eventually) took up rather a lot of space on my then phone. Those MP3s are now just taking up a bit of space on an old laptop as his full back catalogue is now available to stream or sync in all the usual places as well as being streamable on Bandcamp and the new album in also even on Soundcloud...


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