Moon Film Reviews: Still Alice and Suite Francaise

The magnificent Kristin Scott Thomas. 

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) comes from a family the maternal side of which has seen quite number of women living with dementia.  So they approached 'Still Alice' expecting and hoping for a lot.

Did it deliver? 

Well, let's say that for a film about a condition which sees people have good days and bad days at least at the start, it is fitting that the film has good parts and bad parts.  The good parts were the credits.  The bad parts were everything else.

15 minutes in Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) yawned.  There were two tut out loud moments.  The first when Alice's colleague used the word 'unpack'.  The second, we can't remember - fitting, perhaps.  Overall, it was pretentious, only fleetingly and sporadically affecting, with unsympathetic characters, with the exception of the son (was that because he was cute?) and one of the daughters.

Plus, at the end, two film viewers discussing if it would have been possible for her husband to take a year's sabbatical what with him having tenure.  FFS!

Overall then, more 'Sh*t Alice' than 'Still Alice'.

As for 'Suite Francaise', it was rather enjoyable and the music even more so.  It would have been a much better film had the French characters been played by French people instead of non-French people.  That way, we could still have witnessed Kristin Scott Thomas do her magnificent stuff.


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