Moon Film Reviews: Foxcatcher and The Theory of Everything

The "ape like" Mr Tatum. 

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thinks that it is fitting that for their first visit to the cinema of the New Year, they should have witnessed two films jam-packed with absolutely superb acting.  They refer, of course, to 'Foxcatcher' and 'The Theory of Everything'.

Acting aside, there's not much more to say about 'Foxcatcher' except if, during the first part of the film, you wonder why Mr Tatum is walking about like an ape, fear not, it will become clear in due course.

As for 'The Theory of Everything', your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) hasn't heard so much crying in a cinema since that evening he went to see 'Finding Neverland'.  That said, the latter film had a bigger impact on your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) than 'The Theory of Everything' did.


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