Moon Film Review: Testament of Youth

Now before we begin this little review, a word.  To the demographic of the cinema on King's Road, Chelsea.  If you're going to arrive early and book a seat on the end of the row don't be too surprised if people ask to get by you to get to their seats.

Word over, let Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) get down to the main order of business.  While watching 'Testament of Youth', that word one of their Italian friends uses to describe films, 'beautiful', came to mind.  Time and time again.  For 'Testament of Youth' is not only a very beautiful film, it is one of the most beautiful films Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) has ever seen.

The story, of course, is gripping.  As was the acting (an especial 'applauso' to Miranda Richardson).  And as was, particularly, the quietness.  For most of the film one could hear a pin drop.  Which, naturally, only amplified the attempted discreet rustling of food bags...

No matter, 'Testament of Youth' was magnificent from start to finish.


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