Moon Film Review: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Let's leave to one side whether it is in the best possible taste to release a film on the tenth anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami the central act of which is the parting and closing of The Waves.  Having left that to one side, we can approach 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' with the reflection that it is fitting at this time of the year to be reminded that The Bible really does have the best stories and that The Torah has the best of the best stories.  Did 'Exodus: Gods and Kings' live up to that?  Well, let's see. 

The good things were the effects and, above all, the credits.  The bad things were the terrible acting, the terrible casting and the terrible script.  Plus Sir Ben Kingsley marching even more self-importantly into the Red Sea as Nun than he would do as Sir Ben Kingsley.  As Moses himself might have said, 'oy vey'.


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