More King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard on the Moon

The self proclaimed "completely fried theremin wielding psychopaths"

I did not expect this group to be the first artist to actually get a second new release post on the Moon but they have just released their second album of the year digitally in all the usual places though it will not be physically released till 1 December. It kicks off frantically with four tracks that could actually be one like the brilliant sixteen minutes of Head On/Pill from last years Float Along Fill Your Lungs. It ends with a few rather gorgeous laid back numbers but in-between there is the epic Am I In Heaven.

Like their last LP it is more like an extended EP but it is their third in just over a year and you would think that with a bit of time they could easily produce an Giant Steps like opus but they would probably best just sticking with what they are doing in this digital age as whatever they are on it is certainly working.

I'm In Your Mind Fuzz is streamable below via Bandcamp* where you can find an extensive back catalogue which is also all available on Deezer and Spotify apart from their second LP Eyes Like The Sky for some unknown reason.

*Now by Spotify as I guess due to a technical hitch with Bandcamp is not streamable......


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