Moon Film Reviews: My Old Lady and The Imitation Game

Now, if you head to the cinema around this time, before the film comes on, you're likely to see THAT advert.  Once you do, you'll be left pondering: who's more culpable, J Sainsbury or The Royal British Legion?

While pondering that, let Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) give you some advice.  If you're planning to see 'My Old Lady', don't bother.  Unless, of course, you're like the Fulham Road demographic.  If you are, you too might leave the theatre like one of the matrons did declaiming, 'That was very good.'

It was with some trepidation that Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) moved on to see 'The Imitation Game'.  This was due to them having to break one of their cinematic rules: never to see a film with Miss Keira Knightly in it.  Happily, unlike with 'Mr Turner', 'The Imitation Game' was most enjoyable even if it was clearly made for Hollywood - as was proved later by the way it described Her Majesty The Queen and in its misspelling of an English word.  At the end of the film, Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) was left with two queries.  First, would a policeman in Manchester in the early 1950s really have described someone as having been 'radicalised at Cambridge'?  Second, what would Baroness Trumpington make of it all? 


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