Whatever Happened to Hug a Hoodie/Huskie Dave?

Here is an image from 2006 of "Our Dave" David Cameron, the future Prime Minister of Little England, showing his green credentials via a photo op with some huskies.

Believe it or not this is the official logo of the Tory Party:

Here is Our Dave at the 2015 Tory conference looking tough and as you can see all the "green crap" from the tree has been replaced by the flag of the Union many in his party are doing their utmost to destroy. 

The "tough" version of Our Dave does tend to spout the same lines over and over about tough, once in a lifetime decisions done for the good of hard working families/tax payers/potential Tory/UKRIP voters. All of this has made me wonder if Mr Lynton Cosby has replaced Our Hug and Hoodie/Huskie Dave with a politician version of the latest Japanese "Dutch Wife"?  (Beware! This is a link to the Daily Mail online which was so outraged it published 10 images and a video of the wives but not the image below) 

And finally a new Page 3 on the Moon and riding high in the Alternative Top 40 this week:


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