A Best of Martin Carr from Spotify on the Moon

Mr Carr, of the legendary Boo Radleys and AKA Bravecaptain, has just released a second mostly great solo LP called The Breaks. Along with other Martin Carr followers I have known of  few of the songs for a few years as the demos were made available via Souncloud and now the album has had a belated release thanks to Tapete records.

Of the previously released tracks The Santa Fe Skyway is a great version of a promising demo and Mainstream is improved - sounding more mainstream and showing that he can laugh at himself as well as the likes of Katie on her Boris Bike, No Money in My Pocket is just as gorgeous but with some added Boo like guitar at the end and I Don't think I'll Make it has lost some of its quirkiness but none of its charm.  Of the new tracks The Breaks, Mountains and Sometimes It Pours are great new additions to one of the greatest song books and Senseless Apprentice has a great lyric "The people at the bottom will never be safe when the people at the top are born not made. Who will light a match to this mad parade?"

So below is a best of  The Breaks and his 2009 Martin Carr debut Ye Gods (and Little Fishes) plus Sailor the wonderful single from 2012. Sadly there are a few great tracks that were on Soundcloud but not included on the new album such as Parliament of Owls, Wake Up Amelie and The Only Life I Know.   

In the time in-between albums he had apparently given up on being a singer songwriter and tried to write songs for others to sing and do soundtrack work and last year he did do the soundtrack for short film about John Lennon called Snodgrass and it would be great if that was one day made available to download or stream. In an interview for the new album he has said that his song writing mojo is back so hopefully there will be more from him soon via his new label. 

The Martin Carr albums are not as electric or as experimental as Bravecaptain but he has been there done that - releasing great electronic music before Kid A and free albums to download before In Rainbows, but the songs remain great along with a more folky and even a bit of Americana influence.


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