A Best of Ty Segall 2013/14 on the Moon

Following on from A Best of Ty Segall 2012, a best of 2 of the 3 albums he released that year, we now have a best of the 2 albums he has released since. So not as prolific but still pretty prolific for this day and age and Manipulator from this year is 17 tracks long.

That said Sleeper the largely acoustic album he released last year was rather underwhelming and just 4 are featured below but they do mix very well with the tracks from the mostly great Manipulator. What is lacking is a bit of the punk energy of his earlier work but there is lots of variation whilst still managing to be coherent. So he still sounds like Supergrass but more like Supergrass in their pomp and as with Supergrass there is plenty of Ray Davies and pre T-Rex Marc Bolan influence with a bit of glam thrown in. 

As with in 2012 it is a Grooveshark playlist because his Drag City recordings are sadly not available on Spotify in the UK or on Deezer.

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