Moon Film Review: Mood Indigo

The delectable Mr Duris - could he again provide cinematic relief to Our Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre)?

Having read and published Your Cultural Correspondent's review of 'Hercules', The Moon creator asked, 'Are you going to see anything good?'.  To which Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) replied, 'I'm going to see 'Mood Indigo'.  It's a French film so it could go either way.'  So, having seen it, which way did it go?  

Well, let Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) tell you this.  Some way in two people left.  And neither, to quote The Moon creator, 'the delectable Mr Duris', nor the passable music could make Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) leave the cinema with other than a mood darker than indigo.  As Your Cultural Correspondent's Brother would say, 'that's a couple of hours I won't get back'.

Note from the Editor
The Moon is now partially followable via the wonder of Pinterest as Our Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) has been so impressed with the photographic choices of the editor they have created a "board" for The Moon - Film Reviews


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