More Moon Film Reviews: Devils Knot and Chinese Puzzle

Devil's Knot is based on the "West Memphis Three "case form 1993.These are the actual mugshots of the suspects.

If you start watching 'Devil's Knot' and are more or less immediately put off by Mr Colin Firth's (attempted) American accent, hang on in there, is the advice of your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre).  For it gets better as it goes along; the film that is, not the accent.  And, by the end, you're likely to be gripped and also have your thoughts about the American legal system reinforced or challenged, depending what they were before you saw the film.

"Handsome devil" Mr Roman Durai and Miss Kelly Reilly "the finest English actress of her generation".

If, like your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre), you've grown up with 'L'Auberge Espagnole' and 'Russian Dolls', you're going to love 'Chinese Puzzle'. Not only will you be able to catch up on the life stories of all your favourite characters, with the sad exception of Wendy's brother (alack, alack), you'll also be able to marvel at New York.  But, most of all, you'll be able to admire that handsome devil Mr Roman Durais and be thrilled to see that the finest English actress of her generation, Miss Kelly Reilly, is more beautiful than ever.


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