Another Moon Film Review: Walking on Sunshine

Some people in Puglia. 
Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) has often thought to themselves that had dear old Cecil Rhodes lived on into the 1990s, he would have commented, to those entering their twenties in that decade, 'Remember that you have grown up during the 1980s, and have consequently won first prize in the lottery of life.'  Not the least reason being all that wonderful music that that best of decades gave us.  So pairing a selection of those songs with the landscapes, seascapes and architecture of Puglia and trying to make a 'feel good' film from them was always going to be a tall order.  Did 'Walking on Sunshine' achieve it?

Well, let's see: songs (sublime); sunset (sublime); scenery (sublime); script (sh*te); sound (and syncing) (sh*te - with the exception of the first half of 'If I could turn back time' which we suspect was recorded live, unlike the rest of the 'performances'); 'stars' (sh*te - with the exceptions of the actress playing the Italian housekeeper and Leona Lewis (who knew), the acting was well erm sh*te).  All in all a truly terrible piece of film-making, but one which, nevertheless, did leave your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) wondering what the people of Puglia made of two of the British actors.


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