My Autumn Empire on the Moon

This album has been out for a bit now and was brought to my attention, as usual, by God Is In The TV. The single Blue Coat was great and the album sounded very interesting - as a concept album inspired by a episode of Doctor Who from the 80s where an Alien crashlands to earth but is really all about a failed relationship as the writer himself explained in an interview "if a relationship fails, the person can become ‘effectively an alien’. As such, parts of the album take a more terrestrial, mundane turn, and how we can ourselves become social aliens"

However, to start with the album did somewhat wash over me but I did only listen to it via headphones whilst trying to do something else. This changed recently when I finally listened to it via a speaker when less distracted and it did reveal itself to be an understated little masterpiece. It very much reminds me of Martin Carr recording Boo Radley songs on his own at home and so is therefore very similar to his post Boo project Brave Captain but with added ELO.

It turns out that this record it very much a one man in his bedroom production by Benjamin Thomas Holton who is also "the lynchpin of pastoral experimenters’ epic45" and so some further investigation will be necessary. Meanwhile check it out via Bandcamp below and give it a bit of time and attention to reap the rewards. It is also streamable/syncable from the usual places.


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