We Are Catchers on the Moon

This gorgeous album is what you would might expect to be produced if the Coral got back together with Bill Ryder-Jones and sat round a piano to write some songs. So it was no surprise to find out that the very talented Mr Ryder-Jones plays on and co produced it. It is more McCartney and Lennon than Lennon and McCartney with an ELO like lushness and yet it is effortlessly cool but in no way too cool for school. It is hard to believe your average Radio 2 daytime listener could possibly object to it. 

It was brought to my attention by 6 Music a small part of the BBC that does most what Ian Fletcher the new BBC "Head of Values" in the marvellous W1A said should be the main purpose of the BBC - to introduce people to what they never thought they would like. "Nonsense!" was the reply from Anna Rampton the "Head of Output".

Check it out via Spotify below as you might like some lush scouse top pop in your life though I doubt that Anna would.


Rich said…
Wow, I'm massively chuffed to have heard that one already. It was playing in the background in Rough Trade a couple of weeks ago and I had to Spotify it.- lovely stuff. Good to know there's a solid pedigree behind it too.

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