Song For the Week - Damon Albarn This is a Low Live

Britpop image number 1 from 1993

It has been Britpop week at the BBC and generally it has reminded me that post 94 a lot of bands became much bigger than they ever should have been. A highlight though was Mr Albarn's live set in Maida Vale Studios performing a gorgeous version of  This is a Low - a song that has it own Wikipedia page. The amazing guitar from Mr Coxon on the original is replaced by some gorgeous strings from his band that will be touring his soon to be released "solo" LP Everyday Robots. Check it out below along with a similarly gorgeous rendition of the full version of For Tomorrow.

Blur were the band that kicked it all off back in 1992-93 when they just went against the grain of all the prevailing wisdom and it eventually worked. It was generally a change from the bottom up as most media only cottoned on to it due to the turn out for their gig at Reading 93 - All the people so many people.....

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