Kelis - Food on the Moon

Kelis has always been interesting and now she has released a quite magnificent album. It is rather grown up which may be due to the Lana Del Rey effect in that the music biz has realised there is a market to for some grown up pop as also evidenced by the new Lykke Li single. It also has an interesting producer in David Sitek of TV on the Radio fame who did a great job as producer on half of the last Beady Eye album. It is rather similar to what  Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys has done with Valerie June and, on the evidence so far at least, with the aforementioned Lana Del Rey. Both might be best advised to stick to production rather than the day job.

Back to Food - Kelis might not be the greatest singer but she has a great voice and it has great horns throughout. It is generally soul with Soul but also rather diverse with a great cover of Bless the Telephone which is a song first released by 70s folk-soul vocalist Labi Siffre and Friday Fish Fry could easily be a track from a Lindi Ortega album and one where she skirts with naffness but manages to pull it off. Then the magnificent Change is definitely one for Dame Shirley Bassey whilst Biscuits 'N Gravy is a candidate for song title of the year. Check it out via Spotify below.


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