Moon Film and Theatre Reviews - The Book Thief, Jeeves and Wooster and Shakespeare's Women

The title of Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) has finally been justified with not one but two reviews from the land of theatre but first a film review:

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) thinks that, apart from the lovely music, the best thing about 'The Book Thief' was Death.  It certainly becomes Mr Roger Allam, not least in the last five to ten minutes of the film which (almost) rescue it.

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) is not a fan of Mr Stephen Fry.  However, they think that are some of roles he was born to play.  Dear Oscar, for instance.  And, of course and above all, Jeeves.

Similarly, while not a fan of Hugh Laurie, it cannot be doubted he was born to play Wooster. Thus it was that a rather disappointing evening was spent watching 'Jeeves and Wooster' on the stage.  For, however, good the players, the marvellous Mr Matthew Macfayden and Mr Stephen Magan, nothing and no-one can compare to Messrs Fry and Laurie.  Not even when they're performing the cow-creamer story. One point: it is rather disgraceful that Mr Mark Hadfield is not included in the promotional material for his Seppings was magnificent.

The Dame in action

Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) recently experienced one of the most special theatrical nights of their life: seeing Dame Eileen Atkins (their favourite actress) in Ellen Terry's Shakespeare's Women.  It was magical and very moving.  Indeed only two other pieces of theatre have ever moved Your Cultural Correspondent (Film and Theatre) in such a way: 'Mary Stuart' and 'Eileen Stritch at Liberty'.


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