The Return of Our Film Correspondent

Some may remember that the Moon once had a film correspondent. Well now they are back in Blighty from some time abroad and they have returned as Our Cultural Correspondent (Film & Theatre). Their first despatch is no less than three film reviews - American Hustle, The Railway Men and Las Vegas:
Cooper and Bale with Beards and a Belly 
Film One: 'American Hustle' was superb, in every way, from beginning to end, not least because one of the central characters could have been based on a character from one of my former lives.
Firth with Tash
Film Two: 'The Railway Man' was harder work. First, it was necessary to suspend your disbelief at the real age of the actors and their ages in the film. Second, you had to get accustomed to the man sat two seats down from you. Well, you had to get accustomed to his odour and his laboured breathing (throughout the entire film). Third, you had to sit through the whole flick waiting for the last five minutes of it which were by far the best.

Handsome Devil Klein with Grey Beard
Film Three: 'Last Vegas'. Most enjoyable. A witty, if sometimes predictable script, and marvellous performances from the male leads even if you found it hard to accept that that sublime handsome devil, Mr Kline Klein, was grey-haired and had facial hair. NASTY! A special 'applauso' should be given to Mary Steenburgen. She was magnificent as Diana. And to cap the whole day, it was possible once more to experience one of the hidden gems of London: asking for an espresso at West India Quay Cineworld and having to explain to a non-plussed, and not entirely convinced assistant, that it didn't need any extra water in it. A joy!


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