Moon Film Reviews: August: Osage County and The Wolf of Wall Street

Said films were preceded by the same gentleman behind the counter as last week still not accepting that an espresso doesn't need more water or milk. And also preceded, happily, by the discontinuation of that excruciating and stomach-turning advert for Lloyds Bank from last week with its particularly excruciating pronunciation of 'Milanese' and the first viewing of the rather diverting advert for Peroni. And the very informative one about premature ejaculation. It featured two matches. Further details are available from the following website which was emblazoned across the screen. Such a charming tagline, as it were.

Now each film in turn.

Roberts with Top Lip

First, 'August: Osage County'. As superbly well written as it was superbly well acted, it did leave yours truly wondering how Miss Streep could not fail to win an award for it. And also wondering how the upper lip of Miss Roberts could also not fail to win an award. It had a very prominent role in the film and left one pondering whether it had its own assistant on set.

The enchanting Lumley with some bloke.
Second, 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. At three hours, very long, but fantastically well-written and fantastically well-acted. Gripping, witty, vibrant throughout, it was a very great experience to witness and didn't feel a minute longer than necessary. Plus an enchanting cameo for Joanna Lumley and the Albert Memorial and Kensington Palace.

All in all, a red letter day at the cinema.

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