Spotify to Deezer, Deezer to Spotify, Grooveshark to Deezer etc..."Free" Spotify and a BBC Disgrace

f you are a Deezer subscriber or if you just prefer it and you want to import any of the Spotify playlists in Moon Playlists than you can very easily using...
Spotizr. You can also bring your playlists from various platforms together using Soundiiz where you can also move playlists between Deezer, Grooveshark* and YouTube and others though with Spotify it seems to be limited to just exporting tracks individually.

Update: As of Jan 2015 you can now import Spotify playlists and there is also an Xbox (Groove) Music option

* Grooveshark sadly expired on 1 May 2015.

For converting from Deezer to Spotify, there is this French site Usespotify it asks to enter the Deezer URL or ID but it works best with just the ID. So to get a great little playlist of all the tracks on Deezer from a great new band called Temples just paste in 539181055 from the playlist URL  -

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Getting Deezer free with your contract is I think still the best option on your mobile but now Moon Spotify playlists will be playable via most smartphones as Spotify have just announced that "everyone" can now listen for free, in shuffle mode with adverts when online on their "mobile" or "tablet". In fact, initially, at least, it is just for iDevices and Android. I guess as a commercial company it is ok for them to favour the vast majority. Update: Windows Phone is now included.

Update: Deezer is no longer available with Orange/EE but it is now free with no time limits on PC or Tablet -  as is Spotify. The best value mobile streaming/syncing app may now be Xbox (Groove) music, but Spotify is the most comprehensive.

This can not be said for the BBC who even excluded Android initially from the new download features for iPlayer and it has still not come to the other operating systems. It is a disgrace that they have blatantly favoured the generally more wealthy* licence payers over everyone else as well as continuing to exclude a generally less well off** minority.

*Unless they are using Wonga to pay for their £40 per month contract.
**And generally those from God's Own County.

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