The Millibands and the Daily Mail and How Times Do Not Change.

Here is the picture the grave of Ed Milliband's father which The Daily Mail published along with the caption "grave socialist"  - oh such a terribly witty pun. They have since admitted that this part of the story was a "mistake" but have stood by the story.

During the 1930s the Mail was not very kind to the likes of Mr Ralf Milliband either as he was an asylum seeker (remember them?) Below is two images of articles from the Mail from that time. The one headlined  "Up the Blackshirts" is written by no less than the then Lord Rothemere the great grandpapa of the current owner of the Mail and to whom Ed Milliband sent his letter. Paul Dacre - how do you sleep?

Similar articles are also displayed at the excellent Holocaust Exhibition at the Imperial War Museum.

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