James - 20 Years Since Laid and Live Acoustic on the Moon

It is now just over 20 years since James released their one great album Laid. They have released many great songs over the last four decades on albums and singles spanning Morrissey endorsed Smiths like indie folk, to Baggy and Britpop. The Brian Eno produced Laid is their high point, though the follow up Whiplash had its moments and was bolstered by a great set of B sides from the singles. Also,Hey Ma from 2008 was a very good comeback album.

Here is a link to the Moon Mix of Laid  on Spotify and below is an amazing "Live Acoustic" playlist, most of which consists of songs from a concert in London from December 1992, which was broadcast on BBC Radio One. It was one of six shows they did back in Blighty after supporting Neil Young on an acoustic tour of the US. They sound like the greatest folk band you will ever hear and are at the very top of their game. Sadly the recording quality is not brilliant and I do hope the original recording is still somewhere in the BBC archive will be released one day. The last three tracks are not from this gig, there is a brilliant version of Sound from Reading 1997 and an equally excellent version of Top of the World from the 1999 We're Going To Miss You single and a version of Protect Me recorded live for a BBC radio show in 92 - again the quality is not great but the performance is and it is a great improvement on the version on the over-produced Seven album.This is also the case with Ring the Bells and especially Next Lover. Enjoy

Update: Sadly Grooveshark has expired so below it is now embedded using the BTNT player

It should work on PC, Tablet or Mobile

It does not expand to show all the tracks but you can scroll through them and click on each track to play them and the bottom left had box will play and pause the playlist. If you double click on the timer bar it will FW or RW.

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