Introducing moonblogsfromsyb

moonblogsfromsyb is the blogroll of the Moon and includes some great music and current affairs blogs and feeds. I had been thinking of doing a different sort of blogroll for a while and, with Google announcing the death of Google Reader, I have been looking at the alternatives to viewing Google search feeds via social media aggregaters such as Alterion or Streamified and viewing those feeds and others on my mobile At first I thought is that it would possible to see everything to Facebook as private posts using the wonder that is  and view them via the excellent Facebook for every phone app along with all my Facebook updates...

However, after setting up a couple of Youtube searches and a few blog feeds it soon hit the problem of reaching the Facebook daily post limit despite the posts being private. Also it did make the actual Facebook page a bit clunky with just one long stream with no way to split it up. So another idea was to set up a new Blogger blog to send the feeds to it via IFTTT and this seemed to work initially but after a while posts were not being published despite no error appearing in IFTTT. So that blog was abandoned* and was set up instead. There are other ways to send feeds to WordPress than IFTTT but it would involve having a self hosted blog along with mysql and a fttp site and IFTTT has so far worked very well. You can publish privately and you can give feeds categories in IFFT which then makes it easy to see groups of feeds or just one feed.

IFTTT currently has no limit on the number of "recipes" you make and there doesn't seem to be a post limit in WordPress. The best thing about is how well is works on a mobile, especially via the Opera mini mobile browser as it loads very quickly and will even play embedded Ubend video. So enjoy and do follow moonblogs or a moonblog category or any of the blogs/feeds feature with more to come in the future.

*Another option would be to use Google Alerts and send the results to blogger via the email option this does seem to work there is also an email posting options for WordPress and Tumblr.


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