Streamified Update

Oh well as feared it seems they had attempted to do too much at once and they have decided to stop officially supporting the browser extension and they have withdrawn the mobile apps temporarily see the blog

The extension has been great when it worked from the days of SGplus, it is just a shame that  Google+ and browser updates have made it so hard to maintain.  As also seems to be the case for small developers with  apps for IOS and Android.

That said has recently been further improved and is a great way to view your feeds and social media in one place, hopefully Google will allow Google+ plus pages again soon. In the meantime you can view pages and public posts via feeds within Streamified by using and others no doubt. Hopefully one day Google will also allow us to post to profiles using the likes of Streamified, Hootsuite etc.

Hootsuite does look to be the best option if you want to sync Facebook and Google+ pages, for syncing profiles there is Socialba! which allows you to sync many social accounts from any of those accounts  It does links well but does not have the full image/video upload. An image originating in Google+ is just a thumbnail in Facebook and the other way round it is just link in Google+. It does work very well though and seems to be very light on CPU usage.

Alternion is a great option if you want to combine your social media with e-mail, you can add blogs but not any feed or Google Reader as you can with Streamified.


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