Julian Cope a Psychedelic Revolution and More

The Archdude of Wessex is back to his 90's pomp with his latest LP. There were signs of things to come with "Black Sheep" from 2008ce, so the playlist starts with 5 tracks from that and then most of Psychedelic Revolution, which is the first of 2 albums for 2012.
Julian Cope – Psychedelic Revolution by Syb Fromthedailymoon on Spotify

Psychedelic Revolution is not on Groovesshark yet but this is:
Ye Skellington Chronicles from the Moon

Vol 1 was recorded straight after the nadir that was "My Nation Underground" back in 1988ce and is the beginnings of the Copian golden age. In 1993ce it was re-released with Vol 2 which begins with the brilliant "Electrical Stormgirl"

An excellent addition to this would be Conspiracist Blues from Ubend via stylofone who says it is “a dreamlike vision of a Madonna, Thatcher and Courtney Love making a pornographic film as they plunge to their deaths over Niagara Falls.” Though be warned as some imagery has been added that is not for the fainthearted...

The great lyrics are also included though I think it is  "God gave them back their balls and beards" not "beers"


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