The Rock and Roll Opening Ceremony and the Daily Mail

As the Isles of Wonder soundtrack tops the charts around the world and the dust settles on a fantastic event predictably the Daily Mail can't help but be its little england self.

Faint praise from Melenie Phillips "He did not deliver a projection of how Britain once was, nor indeed of how it should be, but how it now is. Was it dripping with political correctness? Certainly. Was it suffused with sentimentality and cliches? Of course. How could it not be? For that is what Britain has become."

Whilst Jason Groves writes about a "socialist" opening ceremony as many readers and it seems cabinet members, including Michael Gove the Gnome, saw it. It attracted 368 readers comments which for some reason you can no longer see, one of the most popular yesterday was:

Spectacular as the opening ceremony was I am sure that the UK has far far more achievements to celebrate than the Party Political SOCIALIST clap trap served up by life long Socialist Danny Boyle.

- Peter Barry, Bali, Indonesia, 30/7/2012 4:34

Someone who made a brief digital appearance in the ceremony was the late Amy Winehouse and what a sad loss she is was highlighted by this excellent programme from the BBC available to watch until 5th August.

Arena: Amy Winehouse - The Day She Came to Dingle »
How Amy Winehouse gave an acoustic performance in a church in the Irish village of Dingle.

Finally a track that is not on the soundtrack but was so brilliantly included in the video of the torch relay around Blighty and with David Beckham on a speedboat "I Heard Wonders" by David Holmes on "The Holy Pictures" - Grooveshark


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