Moon Film Reviews - Five Year Engagement and Your Sister's Sister

Our Film Correspondent wasn't very impressed with 'Five Year Engagement'. It was the first film they have ever seen where the leads had the weakest roles and the supporting actors had the strongest. Particular reference should be made to the sister, the brother-in-law, the maternal mother, the paternal parents and the co-worker. Superb! As was the music. Can it really be that Our Film Correspondent enjoyed Van Morrison?! As for 'Your Sister's Sister', have the 'sophisticated' reviewers seen the same film as Our Film Correspondent?! They loved it. All the acting was magnificent, but most especially that of Mr Mark Duplass. The film had got off to a tricky start as three North American young 'ladies' stalked out of the cinema on the grounds that it was dark, underground and smelt despite one of them protesting 'I really want to see this film.' WOTEVA!


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