Chinese Style Olympic Fever Hits Land's End

Dominic Lawson: For a nation of non-conformists it feels like we're in North Korea - Dominic Lawson - Commentators - The Independent

"Now, I mustn't be a curmudgeon. I am perhaps untypical in having turned down a "freebie" to attend the Sydney Olympics back in 2000; I have written articles saying that the hosting of the two weeks' games is a scandalous misuse of £10bn of tax-payers' money (£7.5bn more than the original claimed cost), and that if we were going to borrow another £10bn, there are many better infrastructure projects to spend it on than an athletics stadium linked to a gigantic shopping centre"

"Look at the footage on YouTube, and it is clear that the poor soul was merely trying to walk across the road: big mistake."

You would have thought that "The Independent" might have embedded it for us....


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