More "New" Tracks from the Original Bob Dylan - Woody Guthrie

100 years since he was born, 45 since he died and 40 new tracks are released, though this collection was recorded back in the late 90's. It is not just a collection of demo's and outtakes, it may not be as obviously brilliant as most of Vols I & II but it is consistently very good with a number of gems and has less of the worthy but not necessarily that good political stuff.

"If you show me you need it, I'll let you have credit,
I'm a Jolly banker, jolly banker am I.
Just bring me back two for the one I lend you,
Singin' I'm jolly banker, jolly banker am I"

Oh how times have not been a changing...

Mermaid Avenue Vol. III »
Mermaid Avenue Vol. III, an album by Billy Bragg & Wilco on Spotify.
Also available on Deezer for subscribers and Orange Panthers. As are Vols I & II remastered  in the Complete Sessions which is availabe to buy with the excellent documenty included for just £15.


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