Human Don't Be Angry - Malcolm Middleton from the Arab Strap

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Human Don't Be Angry, an album by Human Don't Be Angry on Spotify.
"HDBA is a facade, a front so I can have fun again musically,' says Middleton, who describes himself as having felt bored and restricted by what he jokingly refers to as the 'heart-on-sleeve complaining' of his solo work. 'I thought I'd go back to what I enjoy,' he says, 'which is playing guitar and writing melodies."

So a few interesting instrumentals but it is worth the wait when Mr Middleton's dulcet tones appear...

On Deezer for you subscribers and Orange Panthers and you can buy an actual physical thing in a shop on Record Store Day or download/order from the Chemikal Underground Shop

Also now a fully optimised Music Section Feed available on the Section Feeds page and a link to an e-mail subscription option at the bottom of the Home page. Wonders never cease.


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