The Wisdom of Melanie Phillips

Melanie Phillips  - 19 September 2011

"The American economy is in dire trouble. President Obama is now increasingly regarded as a chronic liability even by Democrats who once compared his election to the Second Coming.

Along with such shallow gesture politics at home, the Coalition’s foreign policy displays a startling superficiality and disregard of realities. His  (Cameroons) triumphal victory lap in Libya last week was distinctly premature. It is not just that Gaddafi still has not been captured and the war is still continuing."

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In the News 25 January 2012 

The IMF predicts that the UK economy will grow by just 0.6 per cent in 2012, revised down by one per cent from its forecast in September 2011, and by two per cent in 2013.

The United States appears to be the most stable of the developed western economies. Its growth figures have hardly been touched. The IMF report predicts that the US economy will grow by 1.8 per cent in 2012, the same as its September prediction.

In the News 7 February  2012

Washington:  Boosted by rising US jobs figures, President Barack Obama's approval rating has hit the magical 50-percent mark and he has opened up a double-digit lead over his likely Republican opponent in November, a poll showed on Monday.


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