The first Human Don't Be Angry album is now...

The first Human Don't Be Angry album is now finished and will be released through Chemikal Underground Records on the 16th April on CD & Download, with vinyl following shortly after on the 21st April. The vinyl version comes with a free CD copy of the album, although the CD version does not return this compliment.

The self-titled album (Human Don't Be Angry) was recorded by Paul Savage at Chem19 Studios in October 2011 and the tracklisting is:

The Missing Plutonium
H.D.B.A. Theme
First Person Singular, Present Tense
After The Pleasuredome
Monologue: River
Getting Better (At Feeling Like Shit)
Malcolm Middleton: Human Don't Be Angry, No, Really.
It's a bit different to what I've been doing live lately; less ambient and more upbeat I'd say. The first single will be The Missing Plutonium, so I'll keep you posted about release da...

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